The Bridewell Makes a Lucrative Liverpool Investment

When wondering where to invest in Liverpool property, high returns, capital growth and value for money are all important factors. The Bridewell apartments in Liverpool delivers on all three of these things, assuring 7% returns to investors for 2 years, predicting strong capital appreciation of over 10% by 2022, and offering amazing below market value prices from £74,995.

There has never been a better time nor place for a Liverpool investment than with these innovative, Grade II listed apartments. They are already completed and tenanted to allow investors to start making a substantial rental income almost immediately after purchase. The units can also count on Liverpool’s ever-increasing student population to maintain tenant demand into the future and boost investor exit strategies when ready to take advantage of the capital growth gained on units at The Bridewell Liverpool.

Features of the historic building including the original prison brickwork tell a story that is hard to come across when investing in property. These distinctive characteristics will generate maximum tenant appeal since they differentiate from the typical new builds being constructed all around Liverpool. Investors in The Bridewell can own a piece of history whilst benefiting from brand-new appliances, fixtures and fittings which are all integral to securing a lucrative second income.

Invest in Liverpool

Liverpool is currently the number one investment city in the entire UK. Why? There are many reasons why you should opt for a Liverpool investment in 2020. The population is growing at one of the fastest rates in the country, fuelling the demand for more rental accommodation. Its three universities are thriving and therefore attracting a large number of overseas and domestic students each year, all requiring modern, student accommodation exceeding the needs of the 21st-century student lifestyle.

The Bridewell Liverpool

All of this demand means that Liverpool has some of the highest rental returns in the UK. To invest in Liverpool is a way of earning significant rental income which is assured for multiple years. Potential income doesn’t stop there however, with price growth also forecast the highest across the North West and Liverpool. Prices are predicted to rise by a huge 24% by 2024, and 10% of this will be achieved by 2022. These incredible figures put Liverpool in the hotseat for property investment, driven by relentless regeneration plans totalling over £15 billion including the £5.5 billion Liverpool Waters project.

The Bridewell Liverpool

The Student Market

Residential property is a popular option for Liverpool investment, but the student property market in Liverpool is growing in prominence with investors from all over the world. There are over 70,000 students studying in the city which has a £2 billion Knowledge Quarter zone dedicated to university campuses, research and development hubs, teaching centres, science and innovation parks, and more.

By investing in student property, you can invest with less money, get higher assured net yields, guaranteed rent from tenants and futureproof growth rates. Student apartments at The Bridewell are also fully managed by Caro Lettings who source all tenants for you. It could not be easier to acquire a hands-off investment in the Liverpool student property market.

Investment in Liverpool

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